ArkSeal SuperVac 19

SuperVac 19 Vacuum

Ark Seal SuperVac18 vacuum is designed to safely and easily remove insulation. The removal vacuum makes short work of messy time-consuming insulation removal jobs. This vacuum is designed for fast, profitable removal of fire, water and smoke damaged insulation from attics and crawl spaces. It provides simple, versatile and portable alternatives for the professional restoration contractor. Material intended for recycling can be conveyed directly to your spraying machine for reuse. Waste materials can be discharged directly into 75 cubic foot disposable collection bags or directly into a dumpster receptacle.


  • Engine 19HP Kohler Engine
  • Fuel Tank 5 Gal. fuel tank kit with carb canister and hoses, EPA Approved
  • Side Muffler Kohler side muffler kit with guard
  • Tachometer Kohler tachometer
  • Fuel Pump Kohler fuel pump kit
  • Battery Box Small Battery Box
  • Battery U1L-230 Battery


  • Heavy Duty Frame 66”L x 48” W x 60” H
  • Wheels 3(2 pneumatic, 1 swivel caster with lock)
  • With handle

Warranty 12 Months

Weight 350 Lbs.

Processing Rate:

  • Cellulose 3453 Cu.Ft./Hr , 4799 Lbs./Hr.
  • Fiberglass 4859 Cu.Ft/Hr. , 3345 Lbs./Hr.